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Whether you were looking for us specifically or you came across us by chance – welcome to the first post in a series where we  simplify tricky terms used in Erasmus+ projects.

In our introductory post to our Glossary of Terms series, we highlighted the potential challenges you might have with specific terminology when preparing your Erasmus+ project.

In this blog post, we are going to take one specific term that is essential to understand when you are preparing your Erasmus+ project and make it simple and easy to grasp. We will continue to do this  every week, providing you with all the explanations you need to get working on that project!

This Week’s Term is KEY ACTION

So, what exactly are Key Actions and why are they important?

Quite simply, these are the different areas of funding that are available in the  Erasmus+ programme. There are three main action areas in total.

Key Action 1 supports the mobility of people (students, teachers, visiting experts, VET teachers, etc.) abroad. This can be through study opportunities, training, job shadowing, work experience or teaching opportunities with the aim of giving people the opportunity to improve their skills and enhance their cultural awareness.

Key Action 2 promotes transnational networking of organisations to create cooperative partnerships for innovation. It is an opportunity for organisations to collaborate in order to exchange methodologies with others and improve available services.

Key Action 3 supports policy reform at an institutional level. Any activity targeted at supporting the modernisation of education and   training falls under this Key Action. 

There are also two separate programme areas for Jean Monnet activities (university research), and for Sport.

And there you have it: terminology made easy. Remember that every week we will explain a new Erasmus+ term. 

Follow our posts to find out more!

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