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Welcome back to another week of our blog post series, dedicated to simplifying tricky to understand Erasmus+ terms for you. Whether you are preparing a project at the moment or  you are just thinking about it and doing some research, you have probably already come across lots of specific terminology that can be hard to get your head around. If so, you have come to the right place!

Every week we take one term that´s typically used in Erasmus+ projects. We break it down and make it easy for you  to understand. That way, everything is crystal clear and you can get working on developing a solid project proposal.

In our last post we spoke about an OID. Go back and have a read of what it is if you missed it-it’s great! It gives a clear explanation and even tells you what to do if you need one.

This week’s term is STAKEHOLDERS

So, who exactly are the Stakeholders and why are they important in our project?

Well, basically any individual or group that can affect or be affected by a project can be considered as a stakeholder. They can impact or be impacted by many things including the actions, decisions, policies, practices or goals of a project. For that reason, it is incredibly important to identify who your stakeholders are at an early stage of project development.

Once you know who the stakeholders in your project are, you can categorise them depending on their level of influence or interest in the project and then decide how best to engage with each one.

There you have it: terminology made easy.We really hope that this has been useful for you! Remember that every week we will explain a new Erasmus+ term.

Keep following our posts to stay up to date!

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