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In case you didn’t know, our aim at Meraki is to make Erasmus+ projects accessible for absolutely everyone. We understand that some of the specific vocabulary can make developing a project seem daunting. A lot of the language can be difficult to grasp if you are not familiar with it. For this reason, we´ve created this series of blog posts that explain the terminology you need for Erasmus+ projects and make it all easy to understand. 

Basically, we take one new term every week and provide you with definitions and examples to make the preparation of Erasmus+ projects far easier. That way, you don´t need to worry about complicated vocabulary and can instead all you need to do is focus on developing your great idea into a solid project proposal.  

In last week´s post we focused on the topic of Intellectual Outputs. We looked at who they are and they it´s important to engage with them. If you haven’t already read it, it’s definitely worth checking out!

This Week´s Term is WORK PACKAGE.

Have you heard of a work package? Do you know what it is?

Well, simply put, a work package is a way of dividing project work into subsections of related tasks.

In some ways, they actually look like projects themselves and could be considered as  mini projects or building blocks. 

A work package expresses the description of activities, the resources needed to carry out the activity, the estimated effort and duration of activities, the risks of activities and the budget. When combined with other completed work packages, they form the completed project.

They are a great tool for making your project easy to coordinate and manage. 

And that’s it- terminology made easy!

Remember that every week we will be adding a new post to this Glossary of terms series. 

Keep following our posts to stay up to date!

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