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We are back again  with another Glossary of Terms post, making Erasmus+ projects more accessible by focusing on some of the more specific terms you will need when developing the proposal of your project

Each and every week,we will choose one term which is commonly used in Erasmus+ projects but which might be a little bit difficult to understand. Then, we will provide definitions and explanations so that you are better equipped to develop your own project ideas.

In last week’s post we covered the topic of what a work package is. It looks at what it is and how it can facilitate project management and progression. Go and take a look at the post if you missed out on it- it is definitely worth a read!! 

This Week’s Term is MULTIPLIER EVENT

Have you ever heard of the term multiplier event? Do you know what it is or what is involved? 

Well, basically, a multiplier event is an event that is organised in the framework of a European project in order to share the results of a project with a wider audience.

It is an opportunity to share the project´s intellectual outputs and encourage their use not only among stakeholders but among all interested parties. The purpose of these events is to maximise the impact of your project by raising awareness of the results and making them accessible to as many relevant people as possible. 

They are a fantastic occasion to highlight what your project has achieved and how it can be of use to others.

We really hope that this has been beneficial for you and your work.

Remember that each week we add a new post to our Glossary of Terms blog series. Follow our page to stay up to date on all of our new content!

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