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We are back once again with another Glossary of Terms post to help you on your project journey.

Here at Meraki, we aim to make Erasmus+ projects accessible to everyone. We completely understand that some of the terminology can make developing a project seem daunting. That is why, we´ve created this series of blog posts that explain the terminology you need for your projects and make it all easy to grasp. 

We focus on one term each week, providing  explanations and examples to make preparing your Erasmus+ project far easier. In that way, you can concentrate on developing your fantastic idea into a solid proposal without needing to worry about technical terms.

Last week in our post  we looked at the term Multiplier Event. We talked about what they are  and their role in sharing project results.Definitely go check it out and have a read if you haven’t done so already!

This Week´s Term is MOBILITY

So, what exactly does mobility mean in relation to Erasmus+ projects?

Well,  mobility is an international activity in which participants go to another country to study, train, volunteer, etc. for a given period. 

Due to COVID-19, a mobility project can include physical, virtual or combined mobility.  

Mobility activities are an excellent way to develop personally, professionally or academically depending on the type of activity and project you are participating in. They can help you to hone and sharpen your transferable skills and broaden your horizons. In addition, they are a great way to increase your cultural awareness, become more open-minded and gain new knowledge  and perspectives from the experience.

They are a great opportunity to improve your skills and feel more motivated to continue learning with the financial support of a mobility activity.

We hope this has been useful for you!

Remember to follow our posts for our weekly Erasmus+ term.

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