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In case you didn’t know, at Meraki our aim is to make Erasmus+ projects accessible for everyone. We understand that some of the specific vocabulary can make developing a project seem daunting. A lot of the language can be difficult to grasp if you are not familiar with it. For that reason, we have  created this series of blog posts that explain the terminology you need for Erasmus+ projects and make it all easy to understand. 

Every week we take a new term and provide you with definitions and examples to make the preparation of Erasmus+ projects far easier. That way, you can forget about complicated vocabulary and focus your attention on developing your great idea into a solid proposal.  

Last week, our post we focused on the topic of Virtual Mobility. We looked at what is involved and the value of them especially during the Covid19 pandemic. If you haven’t already read it, it’s definitely worth checking out!

This Week´s Term is BLENDED MOBILITY

So, what exactly is blended mobility?

Well, it is used when project participants combine face-to-face meetings abroad with virtual teamwork from home. In this way, participants can enjoy an international experience of collaborative exchange without having to do everything abroad.

This combination of physical and virtual mobility provides a more flexible and accessible alternative to physical mobility and its potential barriers  including financial, social, or family related.

As with the other forms of mobility that we have discussed in previous weeks, it is a fantastic opportunity to develop numerous skills, gain cultural awareness, and collaborate with people from other countries. You can even practice languages other than your  mother tongue!

And that’s it- terminology made easy. 

Remember that every week we will be adding a new post to our Glossary of terms series. 

Keep following our posts to stay up to date!

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