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Portada » Project Management Methodology: 1 Introduction: What is PM2?

Project Management Methodology: 1 Introduction: What is PM2?

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Are you working in project management? Are you interested in learning about project management methodologies?

There are, of course, a whole range of different project management methodologies available including IPMA, AXELOS (Prince2) or the Agile Alliance

This series of blog posts, however,  is focused on PM2.

In today’s post we are going to be providing a general introduction to the methodology to give a sense of what it is and week by week we will delve deeper into the specific areas of PM2.

So, what exactly is PM2?

Well, PM2 is a project management tool developed by the European Commission and it is now the official project management methodology that they use.  “It is open source and therefore free and available for anyone to use.The methodology and contents have been translated into various languages and although previously certification was only open to EC employees, it is now possible for anyone to be certified. There are also a number of training courses available to learn more about the methodology.

Although it was initially developed with European Union Institutions in mind, this easy to implement methodology can be adapted for projects in any kind of organisation.

Project management best practices have been incorporated into this methodology creating numerous benefits for users. 

It is supported by the Centre of Excellence in PM2 and the PM2 Alliance, both of which work towards broadening the adoption of PM2

Over the course of this  blog series we will be looking at the different areas of the methodology to give you a clearer insight into what it is and how you can use it. 

Our next post will focus on the evolution of PM2 from inception to its current state. Follow our posts to stay updated and find out more.

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