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Portada » Project Management Methodology: 4 PM2 Processes

Project Management Methodology: 4 PM2 Processes

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We are back this week with another PM2 post, focusing on yet another area of this project management methodology. 

Last week, our post  looked at the PM2

Lifecycle, what phases are involved and what must be completed within each phase. If you missed out, definitely go back and have a read- you won’t regret it!

This week our post is going to focus on the PM2 Processes. So, what exactly does this mean?

Well, basically, it refers to a set of activities which are executed right through the lifecycle of a project. These tools, defined by the PM2 methodology can be of great benefit while working on a project.  Each specific PM2 phase has a specific set of these which provide the tools we need to move our project along effectively. 

These processes can be tailored and adapted to meeting the needs of the project and of your organisation. In this way, we are able to define the processes that help us to control the project’s progress.

By having these common processes and activities, it is far easier and more efficient for EU institutions to be more effective, to have the opportunity to collaborate and to coordinate projects within the EU community.

These management processes are detailed within the monitoring & control section as well as within the management plans of the PM2 methodology.
Next week we will be detailing information on another important area of the PM2 methodology. Stay up to date by following our weekly posts!

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