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Portada » Project Management Methodology: 5 PM2 Governance

Project Management Methodology: 5 PM2 Governance

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This week in our PM2 series we will be focusing our attention on a crucial aspect of the methodology and providing you with an insight into what it involves.

Bear in mind that this methodology is free to use and readily available. It can be adapted and modified to suit the needs and the scale of the project. 

In our post last week, we discussed the PM2 processes. If you haven’t already checked it out, go back to our last post and have a read. You won’t be disappointed. 

This week, however, we will be talking about Governance.  So, within the realm of this methodology, what exactly does governance look like and what is involved?

Well, Governance here refers to the roles and responsibilities within the project.  Each role has a series of responsibilities and is classed within a different project layer depending on the kind of work that they will do. 

These layers include the Business Governing Layer, the Steering Layer, the Directing Layer, the Managing Layer, and the Performing layer. The roles are also classified depending on whether they are on the side of the requestor or the side of the provider.

This project management methodology has shifted the view of project management governance from that of work-centric to a value-centric approach which opts for a holistic viewpoint. 

The project team is composed of the people assuming the roles in the Directing, Managing, and Performing layers and collaboration between the people in these layers is essential for the success of the project. 

The Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM/RASCIis a way of assigning and documenting responsibilities and clarifying roles. There is one of these matrices provided for each PM2 activity.
And there you have it, an insight into the Governance Pillar of the PM2 methodology. Remember that each week we hone in on a specific area of the methodology. To stay up to date with our content remember to follow our posts.

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