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InCrea+ Erasmus+ Project Free Online Course

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We have recently been involved in the development and implementation of a project called Inclusive Creativity Through Educational Artmaking, or InCrea+ for short. For this project, the general objective was “to provide an innovative approach of inclusive education and promote students’ wellbeing through the implementation of arts educational content and practices based on the most recent theoretical approaches”.

Our research has shown us that the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in increased educational disparities and an increase in dropout rates, particularly amongst disadvantaged students. There is therefore a need for a more holistic approach to inclusive education. Our project has sought to address these issues by creating training and tools that would enable teachers, educators, and art/cultural professionals to effectively convey and foster an inclusive and creative education based on Arts Teaching Strategies to students aged 11-16.

This is because we have identified that Arts Teaching Strategies have the potential to increase inclusivity in education, as well as to promote students’ wellbeing, and to foster learning, innovation, digital literacy, and career/life skills. As a result of our efforts, we have been able to successfully create an online course for
teachers, educators, creative and cultural professionals, or anyone that is interested in learning about and incorporating an effective, inclusive, and artistic approach into their teaching.

The online course is based on our extensive research into the methodology of best practices regarding our topic and has been created for ease of access and efficiency. The InCrea+ Curriculum is a useful resource which includes all of the teaching materials, tools, activity instructions, and other instructions that any teacher would need in order to be able to incorporate the InCrea+ methodology into their everyday teaching and school activities. All
the information provided is clear, thorough, and accessible through our online course. And all the materials and methods are created ready to be used in lesson delivery. The curriculum provides an extensive set of tools organised into 3 areas: theoretical basis, artistic activities, and evaluation and assessment tools for teachers. The InCrea+ online course has been designed to effectively enhance teachers’ skills and competences in terms
of inclusive and creative education, therefore enabling them to foster inclusivity and creativity in their educational practices.

So if you are a teacher, educator, creative professional, cultural professional, or just
someone interested in learning about an inclusive and artistic approach to education, check
out InCrea+ at

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