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In our “Meraki blog” you will find news and relevant information on any topic related to our fields of expertise. Do you want to write your own European project or want us to help you do it? Do you want to be trained in active methodologies, didactic tools or classroom management? Do you want to be up to date in educational applications? This is your Meraki blog! Do not hesitate and follow us.


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In case you didn’t know, our aim at Meraki is to make Erasmus+ projects accessible for absolutely everyone. We understand that some of the specific… Read More »WORK PACKAGE


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Welcome back to another week of our blog post series, dedicated to simplifying tricky to understand Erasmus+ terms for you. Whether you are preparing a… Read More »STAKEHOLDERS


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Here at Meraki, we want Erasmus+ projects to be within everyone’s reach. We know that some of the terminology can make developing a project seem… Read More »OID


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We are back  with another post making Erasmus+ projects more accessible by providing a glossary of the more specific terms needed when developing or working… Read More »NATIONAL AGENCY


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As you know, our aim here at Meraki is to make Erasmus+ projects as accessible as possible. We know that some of the terminology can… Read More »CONSORTIUM


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Whether you were looking for us specifically or you came across us by chance – welcome to the first post in a series where we … Read More »KEY ACTION