Project Management Methodology: 2 Evolution of PM2

Today´s PM2 blog post is going to be focused on the evolution of the methodology. We are going to take a look at how it has been transformed into the methodology that it is today and the steps that were taken to get there.

As we saw in last week´s post, PM2 is an open source project management methodology developed by the European Commission which is easy to use and adaptable for a specific project or indeed for an organisation´s individual needs.
Development began back in 2007 as a methodology for internal use within the European Commission with the first version being released in 2008.
In 2012 the first edition of the PM2 Guide was released, while a PM2 training programme for IT projects was also released as well as a training course for business managers.

2013 brought the release of the PM2 methodology 2.0 along with the second edition of the PM2 Guide.

In 2015 the PM2Methodology Guide ver 2.5 was released for European Institutions, EU Agencies and the European Council as well as European Financial Institutions, and by 2016 the PM2Guide, Open Edition was made available.
2018 was the year that the PM2Guide ver.3.0 became available for Europe and the world. Anyone and everyone can now access this version of the methodology!

This methodology has provided a singular common and open project management methodology that is free to use and facilitates a shared approach and vision of project management.

In next week´s blog post we will look at the lifecycle of PM2projects. You will not want to miss it!

Remember that every week we will be focusing on a different aspect of the methodology so make sure that you are following our posts to stay up to date!

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