Project Management Methodology: 7 PM2 Mindset

This week’s PM2 series will focus on one of the overarching concepts of this project management methodology.

In previous sessions we have already looked at the 4 pillars of PM2 : Governance, Lifecycle, Processes, and Artefacts. If you PM2 have missed any of them it is definitely worth your while going back and having a read. 

Today’s  post, however, will detail the  Mindsets. 

Basically, these Mindsets are basically the kinds of behaviour and attitude that are essential for the project team to have if the project is to succeed. In this way, the team can better approach and deal with the complex nature of project management more effectively by applying these best practices.

The most important aspect of the PM2 mindset is that the project management methodologies are there to serve the project and not the other way around. Considering the levels of variance in scale and scope of projects, it is crucial to remain mindful of this and to adjust the methodology according to the project needs. 

Maximising the value of the project results is also part of the mindset as is the need to assign roles appropriately for the needs of the project and have clear and open communication channels and a collaborative team culture. For instance, involving stakeholders, sharing knowledge and investing in the professional development of your team all benefit the project and are all included within the PM2 mindsets among other things.

As you can see, the PM2 mindsets are what brings the project team together. So, it is the perspective to have when working with this methodology in order to deliver the project to the highest value.

Remember, that we will be posting again next week with another publication relating to a different aspect of this project management methodology. Follow our posts to stay up to date!

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